Autodesk Authorized Developer Logo

In an earlier post I wondered how GreatStar, an ITC member, could put up the “Autodesk Authorized Developer” logo on their web site, especially since I could not find any mention about them in the Autodesk Partner Index. An anonymous comment pointed me to this page on the Autodesk web site. The page is the Autodesk partner page for CADAddOn.com, an Autodesk Authorized Developer, headquartered in Plano, Texas.

What’s interesting is that CADAddOn.com is a division of GreatStar, and not surprisingly, CADAddOn.com’s product AutoXls Table is listed as one of GreatStar’s products as well. So it appears that GreatStar took the liberty of using the Autodesk logo meant for CADAddOn.com on its web site and decided to call itself an Autodesk Authorized Developer.

Autodesk lawyers are busy dragging the ODA to court in their fight against SolidWorks dealing with orange squares and a three letter acronym. Here is company pissing all over the Autodesk logo and it appears that their high flying lawyers cannot do a damn thing about it. Looks like they charge Autodesk large sums of money and end up picking the easy fights.

All said and done, the people who actually end up paying the price are laid off Autodesk employees and Autodesk customers.