Wanted – Kind-Hearted Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 1.0 User

At SYCODE, we are doing the final testing of our Pro/ENGINEER data exchange plug-ins. I have Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 1.0 (actually it was called just Wildfire), 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 Preproduction on my development and testing computers in office. My problem is that for some weird reason Wildfire 1.0 crashes on startup. I am trying to resolve this issue with PTC technical support. I just spent two and a half hours on the phone with a PTC technical support engineer. I gave him control over my computer via WebEx, he changed all the possible settings he could think of and then finally reinstalled Wildfire 1.0. No joy. We are going to have another go at it tomorrow.

I would like to believe that we have built our plug-in DLLs so that they work in Wildfire 1.0. But I cannot be sure as we have no way of testing them. So I am looking for someone who has Wildfire 1.0 on his computer and who would be kind enough to test one of our plug-ins. If you happen to be that kind person please download “STL Import for Pro/ENGINEER” from here. This is our Stereolithography STL file import plug-in for Pro/ENGINEER.

After installing the plug-in, please read the ReadMe file carefully for plug-in loading instructions. Unlike other CAD systems, Pro/ENGINEER has an antiquated method of loading plug-ins, which involves locating or creating a text file in a specific folder and specyfing the exact path of the plug-in DLL for your version of Pro/ENGINEER, among other things. Its a bit complicated, unlike other CAD systems wherein the plug-in installer does everything and you simply fire up the program and start using the plug-in.

After loading the plug-in you will see new menu added to Pro/ENGINEER called “STLImport”.

Click the “Import” menu item and select a STL file to import. If you need one, a sample STL file is copied into the “Samples” folder.

I just need to know if the plug-in loads properly into Wildfire 1.0 and successfully imports a STL file. If any other Pro/ENGINEER user with a later version of Wildfire wants to test our plug-in, that would be great. We have plug-in DLLs for Wildfire 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 Preproduction as well.

You can drop me a line at deelip (at) sycode (dot) com. Thanks in advance and have a great weekend.