Autodesk, Dassault Systemes And Cloud Computing

Today as I was listening to the presentations at Autodesk DevDays and began understanding Autodesk’s product development strategy, not just for the immediate future, but long term as well, it became quite clear to me that Autodesk is a company that truly gets it, as far as cloud computing is concerned. Another company that I think gets it is Dassault Systemes. Not sure about the rest.

However I see a huge difference in the way both companies explain their vision and share their development road map with their customers and partners. It’s been years now that SolidWorks showed SolidWorks V6 on the cloud. And judging by the way the company handled the flow of information after the announcement I really don’t expect them to say another word about it until they actually ship the product.

On the other hand, Autodesk has been cautious in talking about stuff that they can ship or are about to ship. This approach holds true when they speak to customers as well as partners. Obviously I cannot disclose what Autodesk showed us today. But this cautious approach was quite visible in today’s presentations.

And I appreciate that.