Autodesk Inventor API

This post is a summary of the three part Autodesk Inventor API series by Allen Gager. Given below are links to each part along with a brief description.

Introduction – Introducing Allen Gager.

Part 1 – Explaining the purpose of this series.

Part 2 – Working with Inventor’s Visual Basic Editor and using code from Inventor’s Programming help file to create a material.

Part 3 – Finding freely available code and tweaking it.

While I was discussing this series with Allen, he was a bit concerned about writing a series on programming since my readers are primarily CAD users. He wrote to me:

I cannot teach them how to program, but perhaps I can introduce them to the idea that this material is available, how to find it and how to apply it to the task they want to accomplish.

I believe Allen has done precisely that in this well written series on the Autodesk Inventor API. Before I roll up my sleeves and start writing code from scratch I always ask myself, “Has someone already done this before? Is the code freely available?“. More than often I find that the answers to both questions is “Yes“.

I thank Allen for spending the time writing this series. If you wish to contribute to Deelip.com as well, please get in touch with me to see how we can make that happen.