Autodesk Visit

Given below are links to posts covering my visit to Autodesk along with a brief description of each:

Autodesk Visit – Meeting with Carl Bass: My discussion with Carl Bass about SolidWorks V6, cloud computing, Inventor, AutoCAD, its clones, the ODA and his “Looney Bin”.

Autodesk Visit – Gallery Tour: A tour of the Autodesk Gallery with Brian Mathews as my guide.

Autodesk Visit – Interview with Guillermo Melantoni: My interview with Guillermo Melantoni regarding the direction in which AutoCAD is headed.

Autodesk Visit – Interview with Kevin Schneider: My interview with Kevin Schneider about SolidWorks V6, cloud computing, Inventor LT, backward version compatibility and Inventor Fusion.

Disclosure: Jim Quanci, Director of the Autodesk Developer Network, insisted that I stayed with him instead of a hotel. Jim really took good care of me and showed me around San Francisco. He is an excellent host and could easily put a professional tour guide to shame 😉