Autodesk’s New Upgrade Policy

Randall Newton of CADCAMNet has written an excellent article on Autodesk’s new upgrade policy titled “Autodesk Rejiggers Upgrade Prices as New Encouragement to Get On Subscription“. Here is the summary:

“Autodesk recently announced a revised pricing plan for software upgrades; the engineering blogosphere immediately erupted with derision, anger, and hand-wringing. We took the time to talk to the right people inside Autodesk to get the straight story. There’s less here than the meets the nattering class eye.”

Randall does the math and arrives at interesting results. He ends the article with “we see that strategy as not only shooting oneself in the foot, but aiming carefully first.” But he is not referring to the Autodesk strategy here. I strongly suggest you read the article.

CADCAMNet is available at a monthly subscription of $24.95. However, they also offer a one month free trial.