Bloggers And Press – Same Difference

SolidWorks sees very little difference between bloggers and traditional press. This was stated by Matt West in my interview with him at SolidWorks World 2010. While referring to bloggers this particular statement made my Matt was quite telling: “It is not surprising that users want to read stuff written by people that they can relate to.

Last year at COFES 2009, I was the only one with the title “Blogger”. This year Oleg Shilovitsky of the Daily PLM Think Tank blog has joined me according to the list of Key Participants for COFES 2010. Today I received an invitation to attend the Autodesk Manufacturing Tech Day on April 7-8 at Lake Oswego, Oregon. Not sure, but I am told that last year only the traditional press were invited for this event.

Looks like bloggers have finally “evolved” from this. Randall Newton still hopes that bloggers have forgiven him for that satrical post.