Bob McNeel Turns Blogger

Bob McNeel has recently started a blog titled “Rhino News, etc.“. Although it looks like its meant for news only, I hope Bob can find the time to share his views on the CAD software industry as well. He has a wealth of experience that we could all learn from.

Although I have been conversing with Bob via email since June 2001, I had the pleasure of meeting him only recently at COFES 2008. I am probably one of his greatest fans for the simple and selfish reason that at SYCODE we use McNeel’s free OpenNURBS SDK in each and every one our 101 products. I admire the approach he has taken to solve the CAD interoperability problem, something that no other vendor I know is truly interested in solving.

McNeel’s mission statement says it best, “To enrich its clients, employees, suppliers, community and stockholders – in that order.”