Bricscad V10 Released

Yesterday Bricsys released Bricscad V10 and gave a facelift to their web site as well. At SYCODE, we have updated our Bricscad plug-ins to work with V10.

Ralph Grabowski noted that V10 looked no different from V9. In fact I believe there is a reason why quite a few things in V10 continue to remain the same. For example, V10 is still based upon DWGdirect 2.6, whereas the ODA released 2.7 way back in June. The user interface practically remains the same. The new features added are neat but by no means revolutionary. So what exactly has Bricsys being doing since the release of V9? Where have they been spending their development resources?

Bricsys CEO, Erik de Keyser, has gagged me from speaking further on this topic, but me being me, I would like to drop a hint. In my opinion, the difference between V9 and V10 is huge. Maybe not from a user’s point of view, but definitely the way I see it as a programmer. When Bricsys released V8, the first version to be based on the new DWGdirect platform, they started shipping a DLL called stdiov6.dll. This DLL continued to ship with V9. But in V10 it has mysteriously disappeared. The fact that Bricscad V10 no longer needs stdiov6.dll says something to me. Especially the “6” in stdiov6.dll.

I guess you don’t need to scratch your head for too long to figure this one.