Bricsys Developer Conference 2010

Tomorrow a press release from Bricsys will announce their second annual developer conference to be held on June 8-9 in Bruges, Belgium. I missed the first one last year. But I am making sure that I attend this one.

Bricsys’ strategy of relieving Autodesk of it’s customers has two main components: (1) The Bricscad platform, and (2) the BRX SDK. This conference is mainly about the latter. For those who are not aware, the BRX SDK is an ObjectARX source compatible SDK whose main objective is to make it easier for AutoCAD plug-in developers to port their plug-ins over to Bricscad.

At the conference Bricsys will let attendees know the current state of their DWG-related API’s and will also provide a strategic roadmap for the Bricscad platform.

You can get more information about the conference and sign up here.