Business @ The Speed Of Thought

I have been reading a book called “Business @ The Speed Of Thought” by Bill Gates. In this book, Gates describes how the internet is going to (or already has) changed the way business is conducted. He gives various examples of companies that have used the internet and e-commerce to their advantage, including his own company, which is probably the greatest proponent of e-commerce. It’s a great book and has been worth spending my time on.

Somebody else from Microsoft has been taking my time these past few days. Somebody from the Microsoft India office calling me to ask when I will be making a payment that I am supposed to make. The reason I haven’t made that payment yet is because I simply have not found the time to go to my bank and make a demand draft of the required amount and courier it to Microsoft. If you have been following the press releases coming out from SYCODE recently you will get an idea of how busy we have been.

But wait. Why demand draft? Doesn’t Microsoft accept online payment though credit card? Not this particular office. I have paid the Microsoft Singapore office using my credit card earlier, but cannot do the same on this particular instance. Why? I have absolutely no idea.

If a tiny company like SYCODE offers payment by credit card and PayPal among a host of other options, I think we must be doing business much “faster” than Microsoft. If you know Bill Gates, please do me a favor and let him know that there are still some areas where Microsoft does not do business @ the speed of thought.