Buzz Kross on SolidWorks Service Packs

Today at the Autodesk Manufacturing Tech Day event I asked Buzz Kross, Senior Vice President of Autodesk’s Manufacturing Solutions Division, whether he wanted to comment on the issue of SolidWorks denying non-subscription customers access to service packs (see “Proud SolidWorks Customers“). This is what he had to say:

“My opinion is that this is just Dassault Systemes exerting pressure on SolidWorks, which is to be expected. It’s just bad business. Why would you not want to take care of your customers? I would never do that. Come on, we all make mistakes. All software has bugs and as a developer, I have an obligation to provide fixes to all my paying customers, whether they are on subscription or not. Customers on subscription have the advantage of getting access to new stuff. That’s fine. But denying them access to bug fixes is just not right.”