CAD 2.0 Article On CADCAMNet

My whitepaper describing a solution to the CAD interoperability problem found its way to CADCAMNet. According to the CADCAMNet web site:

CADCAMNet is a weekly publication published by Ash Bridge Media that covers new, evolving and established technologies in the MCAD, CAM and RP industries. CADCAMNet isn’t like other CAD Web sites. We review new technologies critically, summarize only significant developments, and verify (or debunk) vendor claims with independent investigation.

CADCAMNet is not free, and that’s what makes it a good value. We need not curry favor with advertisers, so we’re not afraid to tell you when products have too many bugs, cost too much, or don’t deliver promised productivity.”

I strongly recommend you try CADCAMNet free for a month. You do not have to be a genius to realize that content will more than often be tailored to suit the people paying for it. In the case of CADCAMNet the content is tailored to suit the readers, not the CAD vendors.