CAD Interoperability Problem Solved

Today SYCODE published its first white paper, written by yours truly. In this white paper I discuss how the CAD interoperability problem has been solved. No, I am not high on crack. However, the contents of the white paper are bound to ruffle a few feathers. Here is a teaser:

The Problem
It is a well known fact that CAD software vendors use their proprietary file formats to lock users into using their software. Parametric solid modeling systems make it impossible for their solid models to be worked upon in another parametric system without losing parametric information. They cannot even save to an earlier version of their own software. Users wanting to achieve interoperability between two parametric modeling systems can do so only using neutral file formats such as IGES, STEP, SAT, etc. wherein the solid models come in as dumb solids, making it impossible to edit the parametric features of such models. And this is a big problem. A problem which CAD vendors seem to agree is best left unresolved.

The Solution
The solution to the problem is ….

Download the free white paper here.