Cadezy Is No More

In a previous post titled “DeskCAD – Yet Another AutoCAD Clone” I wrote:

isicad news pointed me to a Russian company called Cadezy that intends to “overthrow the established views on working in CAD systems“. Their team is supposedly “working on a web-based product which will soon turn working with CADs and CAD apps upside down“. Sounds like a lot of gymnastics is going be involved here.

A reader left a comment informing me that the Cadezy web site was offline. I dug a little deeper and found that the domain name expired on 8-May-2010 and was not renewed. It is currently in the redemption period. The last tweet from @cadezy is dated 23-Oct-2009 and it read: “Cadezy released alfa version of its WebCAD product this week. The publicly accessed technology preview will be in the end of November, 2009.” Looks like that never happened.

With a company as large as Dassault Systemes entering the AutoCAD clone market, and that too with a completely free 2D product whose capabilities are expected to increase with time (see “Dassault Systemes DraftSight Based On Graebert’s ARES Platform“), I wonder how lucrative the AutoCAD clone market really is today. There were already too many players to begin with.