CADopia Maybe In Bigger Trouble Now

Yesterday, in a post titled “ITC Takes Down CADopia Or So It Says” I mentioned how CADopia was extending its middle finger towards the court order obtained by the ITC asking it to pay about $100,000 and stop using ITC software and trademarks. I dug a little deeper. The CADopia 10 trial that I downloaded last night turned out to be the real deal. I mean it contained CADopia’s variant of the ITC’s IntelliCAD complete with all ITC’s trademarks and all. Just that the version was 8 instead of 10 and was based on the ITC’s IntelliCAD version

This is the splash screen of the software. Notice the “Powered by IntelliCAD 6.4 Technology” statement.

Click image for larger view

This is the CADopia 8 About Box. Notice the IntelliCAD logo and brand name used in accordance with ITC guidelines.

Click image for larger view

Apparently CADopia has switch web hosts and managed to get its web site back online. I have court documents that suggest that CADopia did not respond or turn up for the hearing which resulted in the ITC being awarded a “Default Judgment and Permanent Injunction”. I tried contacting both parties but could only get the following statement from the ITC’s legal counsel Shawn Lindsay of Lane Powell:

CADopia and it’s owner/president Surya Sarda are in contempt of court. A federal court, among other things, has enjoined CADopia from doing what it’s doing. Not only is CADopia intentionally violating the court order, but it’s also misleading unsuspecting web hosts as it hops from host to host. Each host, upon being informed of the court order, has immediately shut down the website. The ITC continues to enforce the court order and anticipates that the federal court will heavily sanction CADopia for its intentional violations.

Personally, I find this rather weird. People don’t just piss all over a court judgment like that. What’s next? An arrest warrant?