CCNTV, Please Get Yourself A Domain Name

While CCNTV has taken pains to make itself look as professional as possible, I find it surprising that they could not get themselves a decent domain name. Currently they seem to be operating from something like http://www.engineeringautomation.net/CCNTV.html. I sincerely hope that this is a temporary location as they seem to be in gross violation of one of the golden rules of branding: Get The Domain Name Of Your Brand Before Someone Else Does!!

The domain names ccntv.com and ccn.tv are already taken. However, I believe they should have kept that in mind before naming their service.

Before I name any of my products I make sure I register their domain names first. I own TerrainCAD.com and MeshToSolid.com. I do not yet have a product called SurfaceCAD, although I have been working on its specs for some time now. But what I do have is SurfaceCAD.com.

If anyone cares, cadcamnet.tv is available.