I have heard of Freeware, Shareware, Trialware and other types of ware. Today I came across something called “CollegeFundware”.

This guy has calculated how much he will have to spend for his kids’ college education (they are toddlers now) and has arrived at a figure of $300,000 for each kid (he has two of them). He hopes to accumulate the required funds in a unique way. He writes software and distributes it as CollegeFundware, the terms of which are pretty simple.

You may use the software for a resonable period of time for evaluation purposes. But if you like the software or if you want to keep using it after you have evaluated it, you are required to license the software by donating some amount to a college fund. Feel free to donate as much as you like, and please keep in mind that no one is “getting rich” off your donations.

Certainly better than all the End User License Agreements I have seen, even mine.