Cubify And Cube In The News

It’s not often that you get to be a part of something so big that it gets the highlighted by the global media. On 10th of January 3D Systems launched Cubify.com and announced the Cube 3D printer at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas. Next day I had an all-hands meeting first thing in the morning and started with this.

Cubify.com is the result of exceptional team effort. We were given the task of building a 3D printing platform, not just an e-commerce enabled content web site, and have it launched at CES 2012 on 10th January. The easy way to do it was to create a database and cook up a web site. The hard way was to actually create a platform by building web services that exposed each and every part of Cubify and then create a web site that used those web services. I took the decision of doing it the hard way and my team delivered. See “The Cubify Platform“.

Here is what the international media had to say about Cubify and Cube.

CNET – First hands-on of Cube 3D home printer

Treehugger – Cubify Brings 3D Printing To Your Livingroom, Set To Win Best of CES

Dvice – Cube: The Apple Macintosh of 3D printers has finally arrived

The Verge – Cubify to unveil Cube 3D consumer printer and online create-and-make service at CES 2012

Engadget – Cubify brings 3D printer and Kinect app to CES

Washington Post – CES 2012: Tosy’s mRobo ‘Bieberbot’, 3D Systems Cube printer, Yurbud custom earbuds, Razer gaming tablet turn heads

BBC – CES 2012: 3D printer makers’ rival visions of future

PC World – 3D Printing Draws Closer to Mainstream with Cubify

PC World – Cubify 3D Printer Brings High-Precision Prototyping to You

The Motley Fool – 3-D Printing Is (Almost) Ready for Prime Time

Gizmag – No assembly required for Cubify 3D printer

Forbes – Cubify 3D Printer CES Debut

Businessweek – 3D Printer Makers Aim at Home Market

The Cube shone like a star. CNET picked the Cube as the finalist (top 25) for its “Best of CES” award. The Washington Post picked the Cube as one of the top 15 gadgets at CES. To put that into perspective there were 20,000 products launched at CES 2012.

A couple of CAD publications noticed us as well.

DEVELOP3D – The 3D revolution gains pace with two new printers announced

Design News – 3D Systems Brings 3D Printing to Masses


Guys, WE DID IT! I’m proud of each and every one of you.