Deelip.com In Good Shape

If you remember some time ago this blog was facing problems. Either PHP was running out of memory and crashing or there were too many connections to the WordPress MySQL database. The admins at HostGator, the wonderful web hosting company that I rent my dedicated server from, narrowed down the problem to hardware and recommended that I upgrade my server – the operating system, RAM, hard disk space, everything. I’m glad I did that because since the day I made the switch to the new server, all problems have disappeared. Moreover, traffic has increased in the last month quite a bit. So if I had stuck with my old hardware the situation would have surely got worse.

Here is a graph and numbers comparing traffic between October and November.

As you can see page views jumped from 91,927 to 152,200, an increase of 66%. And BTW, Google Analytics tells me that Deelip.com got 0.6 million page views in the last year alone and there were 137, 994 unique visitors in that time.