Deelip.com Rendering Contest Results

The results of the Deelip.com Rendering Contest are in. The contest had two categories. The first was to render a Porsche GT3 to look as close as possible to a picture that I took with my camera. The second was to render a Ferrari Modena without any restrictions. Here are the winners:

Category 1 (Prosche GT3)

  • First Place: Andreas Vellmer from Germany (1 license of KeyShot Pro worth $1,995)
  • Second Place: Maurice Panisch from Germany (1 license of KeyShot with 1 year Subscription worth $1,195)
  • Third Place: Christoph Pieper from Germany (1 license of KeyShot worth $995)

Category 2 (Ferrari Modena)

  • Winner: Andreas Vellmer from Germany (1 license of KeyShot worth $995 along with a year’s subscription of DEVELOP3D magazine worth $99 outside the UK)

Congratulations to the winners, especially to Andreas who won both categories. Andreas walks away with more than $3,000 worth in prizes. There were 15 entries for the first category and 5 for the second from all over the word. But it looks like the Germans swept this one completely.

Here are the winning entries from the first category. This image is the picture of the Porsche GT3 that I took with my camera.

Category 1 – First Place

Andreas is a 3D Graphics Freelancer from Hamburg, Germany. He used Cinema4D R11 (Advanced Render) for his renderings, both of which were pure renderings without any post work. His web site is http://www.avision3d.de

Category 1 – Second Place

Maurice is a 3D artist, also from Hamburg, Germany. He used Cinema4D along with the V-Ray. His web site is www.maurice-panisch.de

Category 1 – Third Place

Christophe is from Ratingen, Germany and also used Cinema 4D with V-Ray. His web site is www.3dportfolio.de

Category 2 – Winner

A few words about the judging process. All contestants sent their entries to me by email. After the contest ended I renamed the images by numbers for both categories and sent them across to Al Dean of DEVELOP3D, the sole judge of the contest. This is what he had to say:

“I think number 7 wins the first category reason being that it most closely matches the original image, though there’s a couple more that get some of the details more accurate – as a result, I’m going to pick numbers 8, then number 1. All of the entries are good attempts, but I think these capture/match the image the best.

For the second category, I’m torn between all of them to be honest and they’re all excellent examples of the power of rendering, but if I had to pick one that shows off the car, does a good job in terms of recreating how the vehicle would appear and gets people excited about the product (after all, that’s one of the key purposes of rendering), then I’m going to have to go with image number 3. Love that the details are all there, there’s been some work done to ensure the surface cracking isn’t an issue and shows off the form of the car.”

This is the first time I held a contest on this blog and I’m quite pleased with the response I got. I think I’ll do something like this again. May not be rendering related. If you would like to see a contest in a specific area leave a comment. I’ll see what I can organize. If you are with a company which would like to sponsor a contest, let me know. Special thanks goes out to Luxion for sponsoring the prizes for this contest as well as Al Dean for judging it and sponsoring a prize as well.

I will be posting the images of the other entries in a separate post.