Delcam Asian Technical Summit 2012 – Day 2

I’m in Indonesia attending Delcam’s Asian Technical Summit being held in Jakarta. The event began yesterday evening with a welcome dinner and an introduction of Delcam employees. Today the day started with a visit to a local Delcam customer called Astra Ottoparts, a part of Astra International, one of  Indonesia’s largest diversified conglomerates. Astra Ottoparts is a supplier for the automotive industry. Here is a list of their customers.

The company uses a number of CAD systems since it needs to be in sync with the OEM’s it supplies parts to. The company’s Engineering Group General Manager TriDjoko Irwnato was quite frank when talking about Delcam software. He looked at Delcam CEO Clive Martell sitting on the front row and said, “Your PowerSHAPE CAD software, er… maybe need some improvement. But your PowerMILL CAM software, it is the best. Absolutely the best.” Later someone in the audience asked him why he considered PowerSHAPE to be the best. He replied, “I work in three companies before. I use different CAM software. All problems. Look good on computer. But when put on machine, big crash. Never once crash with PowerMILL. It is the best. We use Unigraphics for CAD. But for CAM, only PowerMILL. Nothing else.

Here is a list of CAD and CAM software that the company uses.

We were given a tour of the plant.

There was this sign next the start button of every machine.

This sign on a door baffled be completely. 😉

The presentations began after lunch. Among the presentations that interested me was one by Clive Martell who spoke on “40 years of CADCAM”. Clive outlined Delcam’s history highlighting the various products the company has launched, companies it acquired among other things like awards and other achievements.

Delcam Indonesia’s head Bambang Nugroho spoke about Delcam’s history and growth in the country. Delcam has 10 employees, 200 customers and 500 installed seats in Indonesia.

Bernadus Krisyanto from Universitas Atma Jaya Yogyakarta gave an interesting presentation on how Delcam has been working with the university since May 2006 to provide training to students and certifying them on Delcam products.

Joe Zhou, Delcam’s head of China gave a presentation on PowerSHAPE 2013, Delcam’s CAD oferring. He explained, “Delcam has a very good surface modeling kernel. We added the Parasolid solid modeling kernel to PowerSHAPE in response to changing user needs. We didn’t replace our surface modeling kernel. Parasolid is only an add-on to what we already have The addition of Parasolid has made it possible to add direct modeling features to PowerSHAPE.

Ian Ravenscroft from Delcam followed up with an impressive demo of PowerSHAPE 2013 that highlighted the direct modeling features that Joe was talking about. I’ll be posting videos after I get a chance to edit them.

Disclosure: Delcam paid for my travel and accommodation.