Delcam Asian Technical Summit 2013 – Day 2

Day 2 of Delcam ATS started with Delcam China General Manager giving a presentation on PowerSHAPE 2014 which was followed by a demo titled “Modeling for Manufacture” where the demo jock explained how PowerSHAPE could be effectively used to modify a design so that it could be manufactured. Here is a video I recorded.

This was followed by another demo of Delcam Electrode, a comprehensive EDM solution that spans across design through to inspection. The list of supported EDM controllers is here.

Later were were taken to see Delcam software in action at the Thai Summit group of companies. Pics here.

We returned in time for lunch after which we were given presentations on other Delcam products for the dental, custom orthotics, footwear and the PowerMILL Robot interface.

Disclosure: Delcam paid for my air fare and hotel stay in Bangkok