Don’t Buy My Book

Don’t buy my book if you are attending the ODA World Conference. The ODA is going to give a complimentary copy of my book to all attendees.

From ODA’s press release:

Deelip Menezes, author of the book, remarked, “The Open Design Alliance is probably one of the most important organizations in the CAD world. Unfortunately, it probably also is one of the most misunderstood. The technologies offered by the ODA go far beyond just reading and writing DWG files. Through this book I hope to increase awareness about the ODA and its technologies.

Earlier today I wrote about the agenda for the conference. If you are a CAD software developer, I am pretty sure that this conference will be well worth it.

Registration fee for the conference is $350, which includes entry to the conference and meals. I am told that there are limited seats. To register click here.