DoubleCAD XT Pro

With AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT sales dropping by a third IMSI has put its plan into action today by releasing DoubleCAD XT Pro, their AutoCAD LT killer.

Priced at $695, which includes one year of premium technical support, IMSI claims that DoubleCAD XT Pro is “an AutoCAD work-alike, but better, for half the price“. I have written about DoubleCAD in the past and intend to take it for a spin when I manage to find the time. But judging by number of virtual post it notes on my desktop, it does not look like it will be anytime soon.

According to their web site, IMSI wants to “shake up the CAD world“. Looks like Autodesk is shaking already. So can IMSI rattle them with their daring DoubleCAD XT Pro and the free DoubleCAD XT combo?