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Figure 4 Direct Digital Molding Presentation

This my presentation on Direct Digital Molding using the 3D Systems Figure 4 3D printing platform. Hopefully by the end of the presentation you will learn how it is now possible for 3D printing to completely replace vacuum casting, and in cases where it makes sense, even replace injection molding. This is possible using a combination of an ultra fast and accurate 3D printing platform with production grade materials. The platform is scalable depending on where the customer is in their additive manufacturing journey. From printing 200 parts a week in their R&D lab to running a medium run production of 10,000 parts a month in their office to mass producing a million parts a year in their factory.

This isn’t a presentation that describes a futuristic world. This is already happenning today. If you are a product designer you need to watch this video to understand how products are going to be designed in the future and ask yourself whether you are ready. If you are an OEM you need to start investigating which parts in your product are better of 3D printed instead of being injection molded. If you are an injection molding supplier you need to understand how adding the Figure 4 3D platform to your set up can help you become more competetive and win more business.