How Frustrated Are You?

I received an email from PTC Marketing today asking how frustrated I was with my existing CAD system. Well, truth be told, I sometimes get quite frustrated with Pro/ENGINEER itself (see “The 15 Minute Lockout“). The email read:

We all have our frustrations with CAD as it exists today. From mind-numbing complexity to lack of interoperability, the pain is felt across the extended product team. But soon, thankfully, that will all change.

The email was about Project Lightning and how it will supposedly “make these a thing of the past”. I would really like to see how it is going to solve the interoperability problem. Will PTC stop locking its customer’s data in proprietary file formats? Let’s see.

PTC is conducting a survey on what exactly frustrates CAD users.

The survey has just two questions and one of them is more of a joke. So this is not really a serious survey but rather some more marketing noise. Anyways, for whatever it’s worth, if you want to vent out your frustration at your CAD vendor, PTC including, you may want to give it a swing.