How To Piss On An Embargo

25th March 12 am PST is the time when the embargo put in place by Autodesk on their 2011 line of products will be lifted. Yet today I see Autodesk employees and their PR people blissfully pissing all over their own embargo. Their employees are busy posting videos to YouTube. One of them didn’t realize that YouTube was updating his Twitter feed as well, in the bargain telling the whole world about the new features of Inventor 2011. Another posted a video of Buzz Kross wherein he talked about the new features in Inventor 2011. I tweeted about that video some time ago. Imagine my surprise when I saw that tweet retweeted by none other than a Senior Account Executive of Edelman, Autodesk’s external PR agency.

Obviously some in the press are pissed. Ralph Grabowski is busy tweeting away links to his “What’s Inside AutoCAD 2011” ebook. Other authors began pissing on the embargo some time ago. Ellen Finkelstein has already posted videos on YouTube on Procedural Surfaces in AutoCAD 2011.

Frankly I don’t give this embargo nonsense much importance. But if I have agreed to an embargo then I will honor it. Even if Autodesk’s own employees and PR people don’t give a shit about it.

You will not read anything related to the 2011 releases of Autodesk products on this blog till 25th March 12 am PST. Period.