HP Pavilion tx 2000 Boot/Black Screen Solution

I am one of the many unfortunate people who paid good money to own a HP Pavilion tx 2000 touchscreen laptop. This particular series has been plagued with problems related to faulty Nvidia graphics chips. One fine morning, a couple of months ago, my laptop refused to boot up. I got what they call the “Black Screen”, which is not less painful than the notorious Windows Blue Screen of Death. Back then I tried a lot of things to revive it but nothing worked. Then suddenly, on its own, it decided to come alive. Not sure exactly how that happened.

An hour ago, it died again. I went on my wife’s laptop, typed “HP tx 2000 black screen” into Google and got pages and pages of rich and colorful content. By colorful I am referring to the language used with respect to HP. I even found an online petition called “Dead Hp tx 1000 / tx 2000 tablet pcs” that had a total of 1623 signatures. I added mine as number 1624. I found all kinds of solutions, some of which involved removing the motherboard and hot wiring something. Now I am a Mechanical Engineer. I prefer to work with a hammer as opposed to a soldering iron. So I gave those solutions a pass.

Eventually I came across a YouTube video titled “free fast fix for hp tx1000 no video or boot“, in which the person recommends pressing the J, K and L keys with the lower palm of your hand really hard and simultaneously hit the power button. Yes, you read that right, press hard using lower palm, not fingers. I believe the idea here is to physically dislodge the chip or something like that. Frankly I didn’t want to know. I simply wanted to fix my laptop or break it. And this procedure was perfect either way. This is how we fixed or broke most things back in college – brute force.

So I did exactly what the guy said. I pressed my lower palm on the J, K and L keys as hard as I could and hit the power button. And Holy Crap! It came to life. Hallelujah!

I think I am beginning to like this. If this happens again and this procedure does not work, I am going to invent my own. And my procedure is going to include a hammer – a big one.