IMSI/Design Releases DoubleCAD XT Pro 2.0

Today IMSI/Design release version 2.0 of DoubleCAD XT Pro, the AutoCAD LT “workalike”. They prefer not to call it a clone. You can see the list of what’s new here.

I found this quote from the press release particularly interesting.

“We continue to pour through AutoCAD user groups’ wish list postings to include features we know AutoCAD users are anxious for,” stated Royal Farros, CEO of IMSI/Design. “There’s no doubt DoubleCAD XT Pro v2 is an appreciated alternative to AutoCAD LT.”

This document tells you how IMSI/Design believes DoubleCAD XT Pro 2.0 compares with AutoCAD LT  2010. At least they have the good sense to compare their product with AutoCAD LT 2010. Many IntelliCAD variants still compare their software with AutoCAD 2009 and even 2008.

Of interest to me is the fact that IMSI/Design now offers a Software Development Kit by which DoubleCAD XT Pro can be customized, something which AutoCAD LT lacks.