Interesting Pictures in Gent

Roaming around in Gent, I saw some interesting sights. And as usual my camera was at hand.

Cycle theft is common here. Reason? The guy from whom I rented a cycle yesterday put it this way, “There are a lot of students in Gent“. Take a closer look at the picture above and appreciate why the owner of this cycle is going to have an extremely sore butt when he gets home.

I couldn’t help taking a picture of this mop.

This sign is written in five languages. Almost all other signs in Gent (and even Holland) are in Dutch only. Even the menus in restaurants are mostly in Dutch. So I cannot understand a damn thing of what I am ordering. Eventually I play safe and ask the waiter to get me a pasta. The bright side is that I think I have now tasted almost every pasta that people on this part of the world offer.

Someone living in an apartment on the banks of the Leie, a river running through Gent, put this statue of a woman ready to leap into the river.

Bang on the opposite bank of the river someone else put this statue of a man ready to take a plunge as well. I don’t know if there is a story to this. If any of you Belgians know, please do enlighten me.

And speaking of naked statues, this one is of a naked pregnant woman. The pedestal has a plaque that reads “Hores House for Art and Healing”. I didn’t bother to enter. I think I already know what’s inside.