Interview with Arnold van der Weide – Part 2

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Deelip: Tell me more about the new branding.

Arnold: By the end of 2008 we already had a few names for the platform – names like ODAPLA, you know. Boring names and everyone said that we need a better one. We had some conditions for the new name. For example, it had to have an “A” at the end…

Deelip: Why is that?

Arnold: Because a word with an “A” at the end sounds positive. Then it also had to be easily pronounced…

Deelip: Pronounced easily? I find that funny because your press release itself started out by telling people that they should pronounce “Teigha” as “tee-ga”.

Arnold: Yes. The thing is that I am Dutch and if I write tee-ga in Dutch it is Teigha. I used the word a lot of times and other followed me.

Deelip: So what does Teigha mean?

Arnold: Nothing. It’s just a coined word. Of the 120 names that we came up with we had three at the end and we registered all of them, one of them being Teigha.

Deelip: The reason I find Teigha a bit odd is because it violates one of the main rules of branding, in the sense that it fails the radio test for domain names. I mean, if you hear the name of a brand on the radio, you should be able to type the word in a web browser, add a .com to it and you should end up at the brand’s web site.

Arnold: True. So now the thing is to get members to use it. Also we need to fill the brand with more content.

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