Inventor Fusion Sandbox To Be Available Worldwide

Looks like our bitching has had some effect on Autodesk after all. Kevin Schneider from Autodesk left a comment on my blog and that of Ralph Grabowski saying, “After looking into it… We will be opening up downloads to all the same places as the traditional installer.” He was referring to the noise that we made about the sandbox version of Inventor Fusion being made available to only a few countries.

Maybe I can understand a company taking a business decision of restricting a particular product to certain geographic locations because it could cannibalize the sales of some other product in those regions. But Inventor Fusion Sandbox is the same as the normal Inventor Fusion which is already available worldwide. It is just packaged differently. And the joke of it all is that both products are free.

Frankly, I don’t know how these supposedly high paid Autodesk lawyers come with stuff like this.