Inventor LT Woes

Yesterday, someone on the Autodesk Inventor Discussion Group asked what I believe is a profound question, although I doubt he realized that.

“Autodesk, will there be a chance to download Inventor LT in Asian region soon?”

Down the discussion, one obviously pissed off guy blew his fuse. “If they don’t want to let me have their software then I don’t want to have it. Take it away, forget I ever asked for it, and that they sent me an e-mail saying I would get it.

Sam Antos, the Product Manager of Inventor, calmly send his standard reply. “We are still limiting availability to US and Canada to ensure the best possible experience for customers who do have access. We are working on expanding to more countries in the future but I cannot provide an ETA. Thank you for your patience.

I wonder how long are they going to keep this up.