iRhino 3D for iPhone and iPad

Today McNeel announced the release of their iRhino 3D app for the iPhone and iPad. I recently bought a MacBook in the hope of doing some iPhone development myself. Nothing serious. Just fiddling around actually. The first CAD system that I installed on my MacBook was Rhino for Mac. Its is the Work In Progress (WIP) stage and is code named Wenatchee.

I have an ancient iPhone 2G and decided to try the iRhino 3D app. It’s priced at $3.99. As McNeel puts it, that’s “almost less than a cup of coffee in Seattle“. Here is  a picture of my iPhone running iRhino 3D sitting on my Macbook running Rhino for Mac.

Click image for larger view

iRhino 3D is basically a Rhino 3DM file viewer with which you can view 3DM files from a web sites, Google Docs, email attachments (iPad only) and iTunes (iPad only). You can save views for markup and send as email.