ITC vs CADopia

In an earlier post titled “ITC Sues Cadopia” I reported that the ITC had terminated CADopia’s membership citing failure to pay membership fees as the reason. There are always two sides to every story and Ralph Grabowski brought out the other side in his interview with CADopia’s CEO Surya Sarda. Ralph wrote:

Mr Sarda tells me that he disputes the amount owed, especially in light of receiving “not a penny” compensation for the three years he was ITC president and two years as ITC’s development manager. In addition, he was never refunded the loan he made to the organization in its early days.

Today in a comment on, the ITC’s Treasurer Darcy Detlor wrote:

The claims that Surya is making for payment for positions held in the past will not get very far, because at the time they were voluntary positions (unpaid) – as is the position that I now hold as Treasurer. He is trying to create a smoke screen to hide the fact that he did not pay his membership fees.

Looks like the two sides have already started arguing their cases in public.