Logoa's Render Wars Competition


A while ago I wrote about Lagoa, the company that offers a cloud based collaborative 3D rendering platform. To showcase the collaborative aspect of the platform the company has announced a unique competition called “Render Wars” where individuals or teams compete with each other to create the most awesome render from the same 3D model in 90 minutes. The individual or team with the most votes “wins awesome prizes”. Maybe someone from Lagoa can leave a comment here letting readers know what these awesome prizes will be.

To be fair, individuals will compete with individuals and teams will compete with teams. This is how it works:

The competition starts when both teams are invited to join a project scene on Lagoa containing the model they will render (model provided by Lagoa). Each team will work in its own private scene, but both starting scenes are identical.

Teams have 90 minutes to create one image from the scene, not including rendering time. After the 90 minutes are up, each team gets 15 minutes of rendering time. Teams may decide how to compose their shot to produce the best final image (angle, close up or wide shot, etc).

After the 15 minutes of rendering time, the resulting images are posted on Facebook and Google+ and are open to voting for 24 hours.  The team whose image receives the highest number of votes after 24 hours wins the coveted title of Render Champion!

The next Render Wars will take place on 17th July. If you new to Logoa you have enough time to spend some time on it before the Render Wars start. Sign up here.