MoI’s Sexy Graphics – Part 5

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Here are a few screen shots that MoI users sent. Click the thumbnails to appreciate these images in their original size. As you view these screen shots I want you to keep in mind that these are not renderings. These is how MoI users see their models as they work with them. Absolutely breathtaking.

I accumulated most of this information from an email conversation that Michael and I had yesterday and today. I would like to end this series by listing the tail end of our email conversation that occurred yesterday evening. That would be about 5 pm my time in India.

Michael: It’s really late here. So I’ll have to send you stuff for shaded surfaces later tomorrow.

Deelip: Late? WTF! I thought you slept already and woke up.

Michael: No, it’s starting to get light out. So that means it’s time to go to bed now. 🙂

And I thought I was bad.