My Fifth COFES

For the fifth year in a row I will be attending COFES, the annual conference held by Cyon Research in Scottsdale, Arizona. For the past four years I have been attending as media. This time things have changed a little. My title in the list of key participants reads “General Manager, Sycode, 3D Systems“. In fact, 3D Systems will be represented by two people this year at COFES. Myself and the President and CEO, Abe Reichental. This is going to be Abe’s first time at COFES.

Ever since 3D Systems founder Chuck Hull started the industry when he invented 3D Printing back in 1986, the company has largely been operating in the 3D printing space by continuing to manufacture and sell 3D printers, invent new 3D printing platforms and offer 3D print services. However, recent acquisitions of companies like Alibre and my very own Sycode, which have nothing to do with 3D printing, give a good indication that 3D Systems has started to look at the bigger picture. After all, 3D printing and engineering software go hand in hand and it only makes sense that 3D Systems participates in a conference whose main theme is the future of engineering software.