News Alert – ARES For Mac At Half Price

An email I received today from Graebert alerted  me to an introductory offer on ARES for Mac – a whopping 50% discount. ARES for Mac retails at €995. Click here to get it for €495. This offer ends on 30th September. The email reads:

“Using a native OS X UI (no emulation), ARES on the Mac is the first CAD solution to run across Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® Mac® OS X and Linux®, while also being optimized for specific operating system features and capabilities. iPad® support is also under active investigation to bring a full CAD solution to mobile users seeking an ideal blend of features and performance.”

Graebert is also looking for resellers and OEM’s to promote and sell ARES for Mac or build their software solutions over the ARES CAD engine. If you are interested you can send an email to macsales (at) graebert (dot) com.

At SYCODE, we are getting ready to release our first batch of add-ins for the Windows version of ARES. We are done with development and finished testing yesterday. We are now setting up our web site and e-commerce system.