News Alert – Autodsys Releases AcceliCAD 2011 Standard for $99

Autodsys has slashed the price of its IntelliCAD based AutoCAD clone called AcceliCAD from $399 to $99. The company announced this in a press release announcing AcceliCAD 2011. The key enhancements in AcceliCAD 2011 are:

  1. Support for AutoCAD 2010-2011 files.
  2. Four different toolbar bitmap choices – Choose from bitmaps that are similar to AutoCAD 14-2002, AutoCAD 2004-2011 in blue or green, or IntelliCAD 6.6 or later.

I would consider the first to be a key enhancement. I am not so sure about the second.

Developers of AutoCAD clones compare their products with AutoCAD to tell prospects why they should stop paying Autodesk large sums of money and use their cheap clones instead. In my opinion what they should really do now is compare their products to DraftSight and tell prospects why they should pay them money instead of using free DraftSight. Because I think that is where this game is really headed.