News Alert – GrafiCalc Standard for $99

GEOMATE is offering GraphiCalc Standard 2010 at $99 till 30th April 2010 (list price is $229). Europeans will need to shell out €99 ($133). I am badly in need of someone who can give me common sense explanation as to why that needs to happen. Because by that logic, we in India would need to pay 99 Indian Rupees ($2.19) and the Vietnamese would get it for free – half a cent, to be precise.

For those who don’t know what GraphiCalc does here is a small example.

Given two intersecting circles A and B, what is the radius of circle A so that the area of intersection of the two circles is equal to half the area of circle B? This video shows how to find the solution in GraphiCalc.

Further reading: Case study “Taking the ‘Error’ out of Trial and Error