News Alert – Upto 50% Off On Autodesk 2011 Software

For those who were not aware, between May 17th to July 18th, Autodesk is offering up to 50% discount on upgrades to the latest 2011 versions of their software provided that you purchase a subscription as well. The promotion is aptly called “Get Current” and includes discounts on traditional cross-grades, retroactive subscription and Legacy Program purchases. There is a FAQ here.

It appears to me that Autodesk will continue to offer such “Get Current” promotions for some time to come, at least for the next couple of years. I say this because they have taken the trouble of registering the domain name in April this year which is up for renewal in 2012. Normally, they simply create a new page or section on their existing web site. So it looks like this is going to be a regular occurrence.

This just goes to show the kind of problems that CAD vendors face to get their customers to use the latest versions of their software. Same goes with getting customers to move to the subscription model.