ODA Fights Back

Owen Wengerd has posted the ODA’s response to Autodesk’s complaint. The ODA wants some interesting things to happen. For those who do not have the time and patience to read through 26 pages of legal jargon, here is what ODA wants:

(1) Autodesk should stop false advertisement and promotion of its products.
(2) Autodesk should compensate ODA for current and future losses. Amount not specified.
(3) The Court should fine Autodesk. Amount not specified but should be “sufficient to deter Autodesk from similar conduct in the future”. I wonder how much that might be.
(4) Autodesk should pay treble damages, attorney fees, interest, etc. (the usual stuff)
(5) Autodesk should tell everyone (“corrective advertising”) about its “unlawful conduct” and any judgement passed against it. This sounds interesting.
(6) Autodesk should remove or modify all statements, popup boxes, warning messages related to “Non Autodesk DWG”. However, ODA is kind enough to allow Autodesk to show a neutral statement that the file was created by a non-Autodesk product.

Tall order.