ODA World Conference 2010

The Open Design Alliance is organizing its second World Conference this May 4 – 5th in Orlando, Florida. This year the ODA World Conference is going to have something called ODA Technology Exchange apart from normal presentations. According to the press release:

The new ODA Technology Exchange format will provide a small-group, workshop-like format for more direct interaction, collaboration and “how-to” sessions with technology leaders to address the specific questions and requirements of conference attendees. Topics will include, among others, the latest developments and advancements in the CAD industry, conceptual and practical implementations of ODA technology, and how to blend ODA components and third-party components to create a foundation for innovative solutions.

Last year I attended the first ODA World Conference in Leiden, Holland on my way back from COFES 2009. This year I intend to attend the second ODA World Conference on my way back from COFES 2010. This is besides the fact that I am leaving for the US this Thursday to attend SolidWorks World 2010, visit Autodesk in San Rafael and then spend a week at Hawaii where I hope to try and do some business with my partner at Print3D who lives there. So it looks like there is a lot of travel in store for me in 2010.