OT: No Food Without Sex

This post is off topic. In fact, it is way off topic.

On 15th August 2009, India celebrated its 63rd Independence Day. A day that marks the end of the oppressive British colonial rule and the beginning of a vibrant and flourishing democracy in India, something that I am extremely proud of.

A few days ago, the puppet Afghan government propped up by NATO passed a law which basically allows a husband to deny his wife food and sustenance if “she refused to submit to her husband’s reasonable sexual enjoyment“. According to Human Rights Watch, the law also “effectively allows a rapist to avoid prosecution by paying ‘blood money’ to a girl who was injured when he raped her”.

If this is the kind of democracy that the leaders of the free world are trying to spread in Afghanistan, then it makes me wonder how is this any different from what the Taliban did before we put these idiots in control of their country. In fact, this is far worse. The Taliban were a bunch of depraved bandits who ruled by the bullet instead of the ballot. But by virtue of this law, this shithead Afghan government has basically enshrined female sexual enslavement into its constitution.

But come to think of it, this may be democracy at its nefarious best. The hugely impotent Hamid Karzai government has enacted this ridiculous law in order to secure the fundamentalist (male) vote ahead of the Presidential polls on 20th August. So the question in my mind is not whether democracy is a good or a bad thing. I know that it is a good thing. Rather, I am wondering whether democracy is meant for everyone. Equality is one of the basic tenets of democracy. How can you make democracy work in a country where the majority of its citizens do not believe in equality?

I believe that if you give a country to a bunch of men who think with their dicks instead of their brains, they will run the country to the ground anyways.