And Now IntelliCAD For $65

Close on the heels of Alibre’s $99 offer, an ITC member, CMS Inc., has decided to offer IntelliCAD for $64.98. This is the price of IntelliCAD Standard which they normaly sell for $129.95. CMS has also slashed the price of the Professional version by half. IntelliCAD Professional that used to sell for $289.95 and is now available for $149.98. These prices are labelled as a “Special Promotional Offer” and just like Alibre there is no mention of when the offer will end.

But surprisingly, I could not find any mention of this price slash on the CMS web site. Their online store still sells IntelliCAD Standard for $129.95. The news about this promotion was delivered to me by a mass email that was sent out by CMS today. It looks like the only way you can avail the 50% discount is by using the discount coupon code that comes in the email. The email also has a “Lowest Price Guarantee” which goes “We will match any price plus give you an additional 10% discount on a similar product.

So unlike Alibre, why is CMS not making a big noise about this 50% price drop? Almost a year ago, DP Tech, another ITC member tried to pull a fast one on the other members by having Rolek, one of its resellers, sell IntelliCAD for $50 (see “IntelliCAD for $50 Only“). That price rattled a few ITC members and their resellers so much that one reseller complained to Rolek’s web host asking them to take down Rolek’s web site on the grounds that they were selling pirated software. And to make bad matters worse, the person in charge of DP Tech at that time was also running the ITC.

When Alibre came out with their $99 offer I reduced the prices of SYCODE’s Alibre Design add-ons from $195 to $95. MyIntelliCAD plug-ins are already priced at $95 and they are going to stay that way, no matter what these ITC members do to the price of IntelliCAD.