Out Of Control

The comments on my post “Alibre Reacts to Synchronous Technology” have got out of control. I relaxed my tolerance limit for a while in order to give it a chance to subside. But clearly, that is not working. To put things back on track, I have deleted all the comments starting from when one person began an unwarranted personal attack on Greg Milliken, the CEO of Alibre. The sad thing is, although this person appeared to have made some good points, the manner in which he did so overshadowed the substance of his comments. I requested him to tone it down, but unfortunately his reply gave me no indication of him ever heeding my plea.

Although I have deleted these comments, I am not banning anyone from commenting on this blog. Neither have I turned on comment moderation and I still allow anonymous comments. As you can see from the first few comments in the post, I had an excellent and healthy discussion with an anonymous commenter. I do not want to lose the ability to do that.

Having said that, I would like to also say that I put a substantial amount of time and energy into this blog and I do not believe I am in the mood of allowing it to become a pissing contest.