PlanetPTC Shanghai 2010 – Keynote

Today was the first day of PlanetPTC in Shanghai, China. Rob Gremley, VP of Marketing, kicked off the keynote by welcoming attendees to what he called “one of five major PTC user conferences this year”. In his speech, he noted that one of the promises PTC had made to its investors was to have a 20% EPS (earnings per share). This year PTC surpassed that number and had an EPS of 25%.

He then went ahead and explained the PTC Product Development System (PDS). No PTC presentation is complete without this slide. I have seen it so many times that I can even understand it in Chinese.

Here are a few other slides that I found interesting. Rob is of the opinion that PLM is becoming a sister application of ERP in Manufacturing companies.

Windchill is a 500 million dollar business for PTC. It is just shy of 1 million active seats under maintenance.

Regarding Creo Rob said, “Creo is a brand new product strategy. We are back and big in the design software business“. Regarding PTC as company, Rob noted, “Financially we are doing very well. We are a big and debt free company. We want to grow at least 13% a year at least for the next 4 years. We spend about 20% of our revenue into R&D. In fact, 36% of our entire work force is in R&D.

Later Brian Shepherd, Executive VP of Product Development, and Mike Campbell, DVP of Creo Development, spoke about aspects of PTC, its products and its Creo initiative. This part was pretty much a repetition of the 28th October Creo launch event.

PTC PR packed the rest of my day with interviews with PTC executives. Today I had five interviews. Tomorrow I have seven. These are the people I interviewed today.

  1. John Condon (VP, Asia Pacific, Channel Sales) and Rafiq Somani (Country Manager India Operations)
  2. Mike Campbell (DVP, Design and Visualization Products)
  3. Rob Gremley (Executive Vice President, Marketing)
  4. Bill Berutti (DVP & General Manager, Arbortext Business Unit) and Brian Lindauer (SVP, Arbortext Product Development)
  5. Eric Speciel (VP, APAC Pre-Sales)

By the time I was done with the fifth interview I was pretty much sick of asking questions.