Today I started, which I hope will become a network of Pro/E users. is a Web 2.0 kind of a social network where Pro/E users all over the world will be able to interact with each other, discuss issues surrounding Pro/E and help each other out. By its sheer design, is far more proactive than any other Pro/E related online resource out there. And thanks to it’s independence members are free to share their experiences and speak their mind in an open environment. offers its members a Web 2.0 experience like no other Pro/E related online resource. Among many things a member can:
1) Use the forums to ask and offer help and keep up to speed with all things Pro/E.
2) Post on the network blog. If you always wanted to blog but never got down to doing it, maybe now’s the time.
3) Create or join groups of members.
4) Chat with other online members.
5) Share photos and videos.
6) Post events such as user meetings, tradeshows, etc.
7) Invite other Pro/E users and help build the social network.

Membership to is free for life. I am badly in need of suggestions on how to make this social network valuable to Pro/E users. If something crosses your mind, please drop me a line at deelip (at) sycode (dot) com.